Program Details

1. What is club SRL?

SRL is the consumer loyalty program of SRL Diagnostics.It is the first ever loyalty program for consumers in the diagnostics industry to provide our customers a lifetime of health and savings.

2. What are the benefits of this premium loyalty program?

Customers can join this program at zero fee and can get certain perks and privileges for being a member of Club SRL. Customers earn points on every transaction with SRL; they can also earn additional loyalty points on enrolment, profile completion, participating in surveys, referring to friends/family. These points can be later redeemed for discounts and privileges at SRL and associated partners.

Enrolment & Membership

1. Who is eligible for the loyalty program?

All transacting customers are eligible for the loyalty program who have visited SRL via visiting to labs and/or collection centres, booking a test through mobile app, web portal or booking a home collection.

2. How can I enrol for the loyalty program?

If you do a transaction with SRL (as per 2.1 above), you will be auto enrolled to the program and will receive the enrolment message within 48 hrs.

3. If I have filled up the physical enrolment form during my visit to SRL centre, do I have

to register online again? You need not apply again for the Club SRL membership. Please allow 7 working days to receive your membership details on mobile and email address furnished by you during the submission of the form.

4. How can I edit my profile (name, address, contact number etc.)?

1 Call our customer care number on 1800222000
2. Ask Front desk.

5. How can I opt out of the program?

You can opt out by giving a missed call on 9289221564.


1. How can customers earn points?

Customers can earn points in the following manner:

  1. For every Rs 100 spent = 10 points
  2. Enrolment Bonus (one time) = 100 points
  3. Booking a test on Mobile App/Web portal for the first time = 50 points
  4. Profile completion for existing customers = 25 points
  5. Go green initiative (Digital reports) =10 Points
  6. Milestone (>=4 visits) completion = 100 Points

There are certain other ways to earn points like family member addition, referrals, filling up surveys etc. which will be communicated to you.

Bonus Offer (Applicable till 31 st March, 2019)

Bonus points on booking a preventive package (SRL Care) will be awarded as –

  • Package up to Rs 999 = 25 bonus points
  • Package > Rs 999, up to Rs 1,999 = 100 bonus points
  • Package > Rs 1,999 = 200 bonus points

2. Is there a limit on the number of points earned?

There will be a limit of maximum 2,500 points that you can earn in a single visit. However, as an initial launch period, there is no limit on the number of points that you can earn.

3. Can I earn points in Franchisee labs?

The program is not yet available in Franchisee labs but will be soon launched there.

4. After how many days points will be accrued in my account?

Points will be accrued within 72 hours of transaction.


1. What is the value of 1 point?

1 point = 1 INR

2. What is the maximum validity of points?

Points awarded on transaction are valid for 12 months. All other bonus points are valid for 6 months.

3. How can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points while paying for any of the tests purchased via walking at SRL Diagnostics at SRL labs and collection centres. The redemption will be available with app and home collection from March 2019.

**Note - You can only pay up to 50% of the MRP of the test – the rest of amount must be paid by cash or card**

4. How do I check my loyalty points?

You can check your loyalty points in following ways:

  1. Call our customer care number on 1800222000
  2. Ask our Front desk.

5. What are the other ways of using the points?

You’ll soon be able to redeem points across other health and awareness partners, but currently the points can only be redeemed against diagnostic tests at SRL centres.

6. Can I redeem loyalty points to cash?

No, loyalty points cannot be redeemed or converted to cash.

7. How can I check my reward points’ summary?

  1. Call our customer care number on 1800222000
  2. Ask our Front desk.

8. Can the points in my account be transferred to someone else?

Sorry, points collected in each account can only be used by that account holder, and cannot be transferred to another account.

9. What should I do if my points are credited incorrectly?

In that case, please contact our customer care service (1800222000).

10. How to avoid fraud in redemption?

Redemption is an OTP generated process.The patient will receive an OTP which need to be communicated in CLIMS (in labs) and CC Direct (in CCs) for redemption .This is to ensure that phone numbers are not used on others’ behalf.

11. Can I avail multiple discounts at the same time?

Yes you can but maximum discount allowed will be 50% of the MRP including redemption from loyalty points.