6 Tips to avoid infectious diseases this monsoon

monsoon diseases

Monsoon is the time to enjoy the refreshing rains and fresh air with a plate of fried or crispy snacks and a cup of hot tea. But, it’s also the time when bacteria, fungus, and parasites thrive the most and if you are not careful, this can in fact become the time to take lots of pills and rest. Ironically, the awesome weather that makes you want to enjoy and make the most of it can also put you to bed with ailments due to multiple reasons. Follow the tips listed here and fight the monsoon diseases easily and comfortably.

  1. Consume enough water

Tea and coffee replace water during monsoons. Due to the climate, juices also take a backseat, and this in turn means that the body might not get enough water. Taking adequate water can keep dehydration and UTI at bay. Also, make it a point that you consume water only from reliable sources. If possible, carry water from home that is boiled and filtered. Else, go for packaged water from reputable companies.

  1. Less coffee please

This tip can seem to be the toughest thing for many coffee lovers. Carrying a book of your choice to the balcony and getting seated with a cup of coffee may be the thing you like doing all day, but this can cause dehydration. So, cut the coffee intake to 2 times a day. Also, try herbal tea for a change.

  1. Stay off from street food

Another point that can hinder you from enjoying monsoon to the fullest. The multiple varieties of street food are the sole food for many. But do you know, they are capable of passing on infections all time of the year and more so during the monsoons – when the bacterial, fungal infections are at the peak.

  1. Mosquito proof your house

Mosquitoes enjoy monsoons as much as you do. They thrive in the stagnant water after rains. So, they breed like anything and that can lead to dengue, malaria, chikungunya and other diseases. Isn’t it a good choice to opt for the nets or other options to keep them off? Use mosquito-repellant lotions, gels or anything that suits you. Any measure that helps steer away these mosquitoes from you and your family can be chosen.

  1. Maintain proper hygiene

Showering can be the challenge of the day, especially when you are back home in the chilly weather of monsoon evenings. If you are already soaked, why bother yourself with another shower? Is this what runs into your mind? Then, you might end up absorbing that dirty water too. It’s not the rains but the stagnant water that is often splashed on you while traveling, making you unclean. So, don’t hesitate to get a quick shower with slightly warm water. Wash your hands with soap frequently to keep infections at bay.

  1. Take lots of vitamins

Green leafy vegetables are never the best pals of the monsoon season to appease the taste buds. Unfortunately, they are the ones you need to avoid if you want to stay strong during the monsoon weather. When you are pondering about these health tips, this one can undoubtedly sound a bit boring. But, it is essential to take lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, papaya, litchi, bitter gourd, potatoes, corns, etc. that are good sources of vitamins to boost your immunity. If nothing else, eat a lot of veggies in the form of soups.

The half-dozen tips stated here are to ensure that you get that plate of crunchy yummy street food at least twice a week. You can also go for a preventive health check-up in order to have a clear picture of how healthy you are and how you can boost your health all around the year.


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