Blood Test – Types, Treatments and Labs In India

blood test types treatment labs india
Blood Test Types, Treatments and Labs In India


Have you ever faced unusual tiredness, paleness, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, dry and damaged skin and hair, heart palpitations, swelling and soreness on the tongue and mouth, restless legs, brittle or spoon-shaped fingernails, frequent infections or cold hands and feet. If yes, then you should immediately rush to a nearby lab and get your blood test done, as any of these symptoms could be a reason of an underlying chronic disease.



Blood is a fluid in all the humans that has all the necessary nutrients and elements and it delivers them to the cells; it also helps in removing metabolic wastes away from the cells.

A healthy individual has around 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood in their body, anything less or more than that makes a person unhealthy.

Almost every disease ranging from cancer, HIV/AIDS, coronary heart disease, diabetes, endocrine disorders, to anemia can be detected by blood tests. A complete blood test is basically a window into the health of your body. There are different types of blood test and based on the results of these tests, you’ll be advised further treatment or medications, if necessary.


Types of blood tests


There are different types of blood tests which need to be done for different individuals, based on their lifestyle, age, sex and several other factors.


Some of the different types of blood test are:


  1. Blood glucose test: This test is also known as Blood Sugar Test or Diabetes Test and is used to check for or monitor diabetes.
  2. Calcium blood test: This test determines the level of calcium in your body. It is usually done in case of old individuals or after chemotherapy.
  3. Cholesterol and lipid test: Also known as Lipid Profile Test, it can help you check the level of cholesterol and fats in your body.
  4. D-dimer test: This test is done to determine if you have a blood clot in your body.
  5. ESR Test: An Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate is basically done to check for inflammation in the body, particularly where red blood cells clump in the body.
  6. Full blood count: Also known as CBC/Complete Blood Count; this is done to examine the overall health of the body, look for infections, anemia, cancer etc.
  7. Kidney function test:  Kidney Function Test is done to keep a check on the functioning of your kidneys.
  8. Estrogen blood test: This test is done for women in case of unusual menstrual cycle, during pregnancy or for any other reason.
  9. PSA test: Prostate Screening Test is done to monitor prostate cancer.
  10. Thyroid test: Also known as thyroid function test, this is used for thyroid related diseases. Thyroid Test is used to monitor the level of T3, T4 and TSH hormones.


Importance of blood test in the treatment of diseases


Blood tests is the first step in the treatment of diseases. As almost all the diseases are diagnosed with the help of blood test, and a disease diagnosed at a nascent stage has a much better chance to be cured effectively than a disease diagnosed at a later stage.


Pathology labs to get the blood test done


There are many pathology labs in the city to get your blood tests done. As said, prevention is better than cure, it is better to cure a disease at stage 1 than it is to cure at a stage when it becomes life threatening.

Although, there are different pathological labs to get tests done, you can find the best in your city by Googling “best pathology lab near me” .With SRL Diagnostics, where you can easily book an appointment online and get your blood test at home done easily.

Moreover, SRL diagnostics has over 386 labs all over the country, so you can easily choose the one near you.

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