Breast Cancer: Blood Tests Available that could Catch the Disease Early

breast cancer symptoms Cancer is devastating, and even more shattering is confronting the truth and treatment. For many patients, cancer comes as a shock. It is not because the disease can be traumatic, but the news comes at an entirely unexpected moment. The worst thing about cancers is that they take enough time to reveal themselves. But, a few can be identified with proper care and checkups. One of them is the breast cancer. Unfortunately speaking about this is a social taboo, thankfully women are shedding off the shyness to take care of themselves.

While there are other methods to find the presence of malignant tumors in the breast, they can take time, and require patience. Fortunately, the blood test can help a lot. Wondering how come a blood test is possible to find out the existence of cancerous growth? Then read this to know something important about the blood tests to reveal breast cancer.

Cancer Detection

Recently detection of cancer in humans have improved a lot, and this is how testing the blood can help in identifying the presence of cancer. This is highly useful for the people in the risk zones. This means the chain smokers, women with a history of cancer, and people with cancer affected individuals in the blood relatives. This test is not invasive, and depending on the scenario, the person may walk into the office of the physician just once a year, or once in a quarter. After a short period of time, the same will be carried over again. Then the diagnostic imaging will begin, in case the cancer test is positive. If not, there is no reason to go ahead with the other tests.

The Techniques to Catch Breast Cancer

Cancer cells grow rapidly in 4 stages, in almost all types of the cancers. But when it comes to breast and lung cancers, in stage-2, the patients will start experiencing pain, changes, fatigue, and nausea. But, it is not possible to see symptoms in stage 1, and unfortunately, this is the reason why not anyone is able to get treated this earlier. When it comes to cancer treatment, the result is satisfactory only when the treatment is started earlier. No warning symptoms keep raising the alarm when it comes to stage-1 in cancer. With the blood testing method, the symptoms are seen much sooner.

A few may feel why the emphasis on a blood test, while there are certain ways to keep a track on breast cancer, even as earlier as stage 2. The answer is straightforward. Though it is detectable, not many women try it again the tests for breast cancer.

Self-examination is the most popular and cost free method for breast cancer detection. It is advised to every woman to try this for sure, once they cross 35 years of age. When lumps are found, or when there is a pain in the breasts or leakage, then it is important to go for clinical examination. It is essential that the women should know the difference how the breast generally looks and the difference when the cancer tumor forms.

While you might find any of the visible or physical symptoms, you would be asked for a mammogram screening. However, these are not perfect, and there are chances that certain cancers are missed with the mammogram tests. But, some studies prove that women who go for regular mammograms have higher chances of combating cancer. It costs a lot, and also it takes time.

It is advised for the women over 40 to the age of 45 to go for a mammogram every year. It is mandatory for women over 45 to 55 to choose mammogram screening. When you cross 55, you can opt to go for a mammogram in the alternative years, while yearly screening is not undesirable too.

This short note on the breast cancer detection techniques would have given you the idea that the breast cancer symptoms cannot be fought easily unless you pay attention. This is not always possible with the chores that keep pressing you every minute. So, a blood test at a nearest SRL diagnostic center that never demands time, or appointment, can easily replace these vulnerable situations. Also, it does not involve any pain to go through these early detection blood tests.

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