24-Hour Urine Collection Test: Purpose, Procedure, Results, Cost

24 hour urine protein test

The 24-hour urine test is done by collecting the urine in the last 24 hours. Testing urine can help doctors diagnose various medical conditions. Changes in any kind of substances in the body such as red or white blood cells, sugar levels, or protein content (excess) is determined by this test. A complete urine analysis gives an insight into any kind of urinary tract infections, kidney diseases and dysfunction and other health conditions.


What is a 24-hour urine protein test?

A 24-hour urine protein test is a test of the urine collected over a period of 24 hours to detect various health conditions in a small special container and sent to the lab for analysis. 24-hour urine protein tests allow the doctor to understand the amount of protein leakage in the urine. But it does not tell the kind and type of protein leaked into the urine. To know that, a doctor will ask for other related blood test.


Why is a 24 hour urine collection done?

A 24-hour urine collection test is done to diagnose any kidney malfunctions or other kidney-related issues. A doctor orders a 24-hour urine test if you have symptoms such as swelling in the hands, feet, ankles or face. Other symptoms such as more or less urination than normal, pressure while urination, urine colour changes, foamy, foggy or bubbly urine or having to get up more than once to urinate at night are other reasons why the test is prescribed.


How to prepare for this test?


  • Listen to your healthcare professional’s instructions. Please clarify all doubts.
  • If you are asked to stay away from certain food make sure you follow them without fail
  • Choose your 24-hour time period for collection such that you avoid transit of urine from one place to another.
  • If you are on pregnant or planning for it, keep your health professional informed
  • Give the list of all your prescribed medicines, vitamins, supplements, probiotic drinks, herbs to your health care professional

24 hour urine collection process

  • Urine is collected in a special container either white or brown in colour. The urine is collected in a special pan that either fits a toilet or the urinal. The collected urine is transferred from the pan to the small collection container and stored in a cool place.
  • The 24 hour is accounted for from the time you collect the urine but as a general practice, it is usually recommended to collect it as soon as you wake up in the morning and clear the bladder.
  • Flush the first time urination and do not store it. Note the time as the 24-hour time is calculated from here. All urine post the first flush is collected and refrigerate it either on ice or in a refrigerator. Try urinating at the same time post the 24-hour start time you initially noted to complete the process.
  • You need to take it to the pathology lab near you as soon as possible after the process is over. If you are doing the process at home, your healthcare professional will give you specific instructions on how and where you should be taking it to.
  • You might be asked to repeat the process depending on your health condition


24 hour urine test cost

What should you not do during a 24-hour urine collection?

Urine collection is easy and one can do it by themselves. However, certain factors can affect the urine collection process.

  • Collecting less urine
  • Crossing the 24-hour limit and collecting more urine
  • Spilling the collection container by over filling it
  • Unable to keep it cold while collecting
  • Stress
  • Excess and strenuous exercise regime
  • Intake of hot beverages (tea, coffee), citrus, vanilla, and banana


What do the test results mean?

With a fluid intake of 2 litres per day the normal results of urine protein value ranges from 80-100 mg for 24 hours. Some doctors consider a urine value of 150 mg of protein per day to be normal.  The average cost of urine test is from Rs. 80-350 depending on the city, quality of the test and availability.

Diseases that can be diagnosed in a 24-hour urine collection are:

  • Lupus
  • Diabetes
  • Nephritic syndrome
  • Kidney stones
  • Polycystic kidney diseases
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Type 2 Diabetes: Early Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Diet, Treatment

type 2 diabetes signs symptoms


We, at SRL Diagnostics, have the best team of experts. So, patients and individuals having doubts about various medical problems can get proper information from us. This article is focused on type 2 diabetes, one of the serious health problems people need to know about.


What is Type 2 Diabetes?


Type 2 Diabetes occurs either when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin (insulin insufficiency) or the body can’t recognize and use the insulin secreted (insulin resistance). This insulin insufficiency or resistance does not allow the glucose (sugar) to enter the cells making them build up in the bloodstream instead. This can damage many areas of the body including heart, blood vessels, kidney, eyes, brain etc.

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Food Poisoning – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diet, Prevention

food poisoning symptoms causes treatment


What is food poisoning?


It is very common to feel unrest in the digestive system because of unhealthy eating habits but food poisoning meaning extends beyond that. Referred to as foodborne illness in medical terminology, food poisoning is a condition in which a person feels uncomfortable including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after eating toxic, spoiled, contaminated or infected food. In case you or someone in your family falls prey to it, SRL Diagnostics is here to help.


Symptoms of Food poisoning

The extent to which food poisoning affects our body depends on the cause.  Most common signs and symptoms of food poisoning are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

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Plasma Therapy for Covid-19 Treatment: Procedure, Risk in Coronavirus

Plasma Therapy for Covid-19 In India


What is Plasma Therapy?


Plasma therapy is used for treating several infectious diseases. Convalescent-plasma therapy is a type of therapy in which blood plasma from recovered patients is administered to people who are currently suffering from the same disease. Convalescent-plasma therapy is being used in several clinical trials across the world for the treatment of COVID-19. In the list of countries using plasma therapy for treating coronavirus patients, names like India, UK, USA, etc feature.
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Type 1 Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Test Cost

type 1 diabetes symptoms treatment

What is Type 1 Diabetes?


Type 1 diabetes also known as insulin-dependent diabetes is a medical condition in which the pancreas is either unable to produce insulin or produce very little of it. Type 1 diabetes is common in children and young adults and thus used to be referred to as Juvenile diabetes. However, an adult can also develop type 1 diabetes which can turn into a chronic condition if symptoms are not identified and treated properly.


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Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus: Uses, Precautions, Side Effects


Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus Covid-19



Hydroxychloroquine (HCQS), along with its byproduct drug Chloroquine, is still under study, and it is tagged for the possible treatments for COVID-19. This drug is only used out of circumstances, and it is still not approved by the FDA. Do not use these medications to treat COVID-19 unless your doctor specifically recommends you to do so. If you carefully follow through the descriptions, you will discover that this drug also has a brand name: Plaquenil. Hydroxychloroquine, which is used for possible treatments for COVID-19, comes in the form of oral tablets. It is suggested that you do not use these medications to treat COVID-19 unless your doctor specifically recommends that you do so.

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Aarogya Setu App: Everything About India’s COVID-19 Tracker

Aarogya Setu App - Covid 19 Cases Near Me Tracker India

What is Aarogya Setu App?


India has been at the forefront of efficient management of COVID-19 pandemic with timely lockdown since the last week of March 2020. The Ministry of Electronics and IT of the Government of India released India’s COVID-19 tracker tool called the Aarogya Setu app online. The Arogya Setu is an application that tracks COVID-19 cases around an individual to keep him/ her informed if they have come across or are in close contact with someone who has tested positive while Covid -19 testing.

The Aarogya Setu application that tracks COVID-19 cases around you uses Bluetooth technology and location of your phone, so you need to keep both these switched on at all times. The Arogya Setu app online will alert you if you unknowingly come in close contact or proximity with someone who has tested positive, even before you develop any symptoms.

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5 Ways To Boost or Increase Immunity For COVID-19 Coronavirus

immunity boosting foods for covid19 coronavirus

With the spread of the COVID-19, the whole world is fighting it together. Although there is no vaccination available so far, the best way to fight this pandemic is to stay away from it by taking precautions, building immunity, and abiding by the government regulations. In this difficult time, SRL Diagnostics is also committed to providing its services for the country, and has been approved by ICMR, Govt. of India for sample collection, diagnosis and COVID-19 testing.

How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus


People can adopt several measures as coronavirus precautions. Given below are some of the coronavirus tips that everyone can easily follow:

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Coronavirus Tips – 7 Preventive Measures To Stay Safe Indoors


coronavirus tips stay safe home


We are amid challenging times. Therefore, SRL has come up with some common safety tips that can safeguard you from the pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19). People across the globe are panicking due to the alarming conditions of the coronavirus spread. In this troublesome time, you can still take steps to save yourself from this pandemic.

However, there is no availability of an antidote, vaccine, or other treatments to combat Coronavirus at this time. For your safety, the basic protective measures against COVID-19 can work amazingly. What is the guarantee of staying healthy at home? How can you keep the Coronavirus away staying inside the house?

To stay safe indoors, you need to understand the most important and basic preventive tips of Coronavirus. Careless behaviour towards health can be vicious.Read More

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5 Best Home Workout Exercises During Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Best Home Workout Exercises During Coronavirus Lockdown

Home Workout Exercises During Coronavirus Lockdown


Until a few months back, before the novel coronavirus was in our country, many people had excuses for skipping gym routines after getting exhausted at work. But, now that we all are under strict lockdown at our homes and aren’t finding much to do, full body workout at home has become a central part of our daily routine for many of us. Whether it is to increase workout our immunity and fitness, or to maintain a slim physique during this lockdown or even just to pass the time doing something constructive, we have understood the importance of exercise in our life.

So while you follow the protocol of the lockdown, maintain proper hygiene and social distancing and stay indoors. You can also follow these home workout exercises for Lockdown to keep fit and practice them even when the COVID-19 outbreak is over.

These five routines are the best home exercises during Coronavirus lockdown  to keep your body in good health and shape:

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