Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease): Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

Leprosy Hansen's Disease Symptoms




We all must’ve heard about Leprosy at least once in our lifetime. It is one of the oldest diseases especially in countries like China, India, etc. In this article, we will discuss what Leprosy is, its most common symptoms, and the treatment options available to cure it.


What is Leprosy?


Leprosy meaning- a chronic infectious human disease caused by Mycobacterium Leprae (acid-fast bacillus). Leprosy mainly affects the skin, nerves, eyes, etc. which spreads through contact with the mucosal secretions of a person with the infection. This usually occurs when a person with leprosy sneezes or coughs. However, it doesn’t spread easily or is mildly contagious.

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Skin Disorders – Pictures, Conditions, Types, Prevention

skin disorders types conditions pictures

Skin disorders differ significantly in severity and signs. There prevail almost hundreds of skin conditions that badly impact humans. Skin disorders exist, both as temporary and permanent ones and can be painful or without pain. Several among them set in due to situational reasons, whereas others sneak in because of genetic reasons. A few skin conditions tend to be slight and various others may prove critical.

As aforementioned, skin disorders can be temporary or permanent. Approach your dermatologist to defend yourself from worsening of the symptoms. In the topic below, you will come across different skin disease names.

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