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Water and cells are the primary components of the human body. Many cells together form the muscles, bones, skin and other organs. While some cells remain at one place, some cells move all over the body with the circulating blood. A complete blood count test or CBC test, called in short, provides information on these circulating cells. The blood sample is collected, and the analysis is performed in a lab. This test gives information on Red blood cells, White blood cells, and Platelets. To make the proper functioning of the body, each type of blood cells need to perform well, and they have their own set of functions.


Understand the Blood Cells


The Red blood cells are necessary to supply oxygen all over the body, and white blood cells function to fight the infections. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to the body, and platelets help in clotting of the blood. The blood counts when increases or decreases has its own impact on the health of the body.


Why CBC test is recommended?


There are various reasons why a CBC lab test is recommended by your doctor.

  • It can be done as a part of the routine care. To assess the general health, all the doctors recommend a few tests, and this is one among them.
  • When you are affected with symptoms like fatigue, bruising, bleeding, and fever, the doctor suggests CBC test. This is done to find the underlying cause of the medical condition.
  • Any blood disorder that has an impact on the blood cell count needs to be monitored consistently, and this is done through the CBC lab test.
  • When a patient is undergoing medical treatment, it is essential to check how he or she responds to it. This can be done by opting for the blood count test.




When CBC is high or low, it is a sign that you have been affected by any of the following ailments-

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Cancer
  • Iron deficiency
  • Heart ailments
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Bone Marrow problems
  • Reaction to a specific medication
  • Inflammation or Infection



What are the medical conditions called?



When the count of the red blood cells is low, it means you are suffering from anemia. There can be various reasons behind this, including the lower level of vitamins, blood loss, cancer treatment, and radiation therapy. When RBC has a higher count, it can be because of smoking, dehydration, and kidney problems.


The autoimmune disorder can lead to the destruction of the white blood cells. When you have low WBC shown in the CBC blood test, then it can be because of bone marrow failure and liver disease. A high count of WBC can mean that there are chances of infections, blood cancer, tissue damage like burns, and inflammatory diseases.


Low platelet count means the person is taking some medication or there is a risk of increased bleeding that does not cease quickly without medical intervention. The number of platelets is reduced by specific cancer treatments. People suffering from thrombocytopenia can too see lower platelet count.

Test Cost

Generally, CBC blood test cost starts at Rs.380 in SRL Diagnostics.  A CBC test at home can bring to light all the underlying medical conditions mentioned here, and hence it is often the first one to be recommended by the doctors.

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