Diabetes might mess with your body and your head but don’t let it take your spirit

 Aman Kr Taneja,  Gurgaon 

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2017, two months before I turned 40. I believe I developed diabetes sometime in late 2015, because that’s when I started to show symptoms. I noticed that I was always thirsty and used the restroom often. I felt dizzy and tired all the time and no matter what I ate, I stayed Fatty.

I first had my blood glucose tested at our own SRL Ltd – Palam Marg Lab, New Delhi. I went to the doctor the following Saturday with the report, where he confirmed the diagnosis and suggested me to start on medicines. I was devastated. For a moment, I thought my life was over and that my plans for the future were no more viable. Not to mention, I was staying in a city of hustle bustle away from my family, no one to take care of. After the overwhelming feeling of being doomed settled down, I decided to first take a stock of my life, follow the doctor’s advice to the best my abilities and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes runs in my extended family, so this was not new to me. Still, when I was diagnosed to be suffering from the same disease, I was rather shocked. Now, I had to learn the better lifestyle practices in order to survive well. I was lucky to be surrounded by people willing to educate me and guide me on my new life. These included my parents as well as friends also who also had diabetes.  As I learned more about diabetes, I realized I could still live a long and happy life, even better than many so called normal people!

I drastically changed my diet and started counting absolutely everything I ate. I even kept a diet journal. I mainly ate chicken, vegetables, deli meat and yogurt or milk. Lately I have also discovered that some vegetables particularly have a great impact in controlling my blood glucose.

Within three month of being diagnosed, I managed to take my HBA1C readings from 7.7 to 6.9 below American Diabetes Association (ADA) target for diabetics. It took a lot of hard work and discipline, but I am happy with the outcome.

Now I have no complications and am currently completely fit and healthy. I want to live to see my baby grow, so I am always doing my best to be in control of my diabetes. It’s been a long journey, but I am confident I will succeed.

“Knowledge is the power, knowing your sugar levels can only help you in overcoming diabetes.”

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