Health Action Plan for 2017 — and the Rest of Your Life

Every year we make new health resolutions and every year we fail to achieve them. The simple reason for this failure can be attributed to wrong planning and unrealistic goal setting. When we set the bar too high, we are unable to achieve the results we were hoping for and as a result our motivation starts to wane.

Did you know that having a healthy life is not just about hitting the gym? It goes a lot deeper than that. You not only need to include exercising in your daily routine but also eat a balanced diet and consider full health check up every once in a while.

If you are committed to transforming your life for good and following a healthy path, then you need to make the following changes and include it in your health action plan for this year. These small changes are easy to adopt into your lifestyle and take the first important step towards your well being.

  1. Say no to aerated drinks  

    One of the biggest evils of modern lifestyle is obesity, heart conditions, kidney and liver diseases and acid reflux. These are just some of the many health conditions that are associated with consumption of soda. If you are someone who drinks excessive amount of aerated beverages, then you need to change that immediately. Instead of going for a soda, choose healthy beverages such as water, coconut water or green tea among other things.

  2. Make an avocado breakfast 

    Avocados contain monounsaturated fats that are used by your body as a source of fuel that keeps you active. These healthy fats also help extraction of fat-soluble nutrients from other food items. According to research, when you add avocado to your salad, it allows your body to absorb carotenoids and antioxidants that are responsible for inhibiting the movement of free radicals.

  3. Get yourself tested for vitamin D and Omega-3 levels 

    Deficiency of vitamin D can increase the risk of terminal diseases and other ailments. If you are someone who is prone to cold and flu or suffering from diabetes, then you should get yourself tested for the vitamin D deficiency. If you see that this important nutrient is deficient in your body, then you can make up for it by either eating foods rich in vitamin D3 or take supplements.

    At the same time, you should also get your Omega-3 fats checked too. These nutrients contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that your body requires for digestion, memory, muscle building, proper vision etc. Since they are responsible for division of cells and function of cell receptors, it is important to have adequate amount of omega-3 nutrients in your body.

  4. Get more physically active    

    One cannot stress enough the importance of being physically active.  According to studies, sedentary lifestyle has been associated with the largest number of diseases and illnesses. In fact, being inactive is as risky as being a smoker. It is important to know that your body works best when it is in continuous movement all throughout the day. You should ideally take at least 7,000-10,000 steps everyday. Walking alone, however, will not do the trick. You need to have this over and above the exercise routine you have.

  5. Add more fish to your diet  

    Proteins are incredibly important for your health as they are responsible for being the main building blocks for your muscle and bones. However, consuming excessive protein can do more damage than good. This is why you should eat more fish so that you get the right amount of protein for your body and many other benefits that come with eating fish.

  6. Eat organic 

    When the food is adulterated as it is, the last thing you need to do is put more chemicals in your body. This is why you should eat more organic produce and only grass-fed certified meat, dairy, poultry etc.

  7. Sleep for at least 8-hours every night  

    Sleep is your body’s resting mode and also essential for eliminating any physical stress or illness. This is why we feel tired or fatigued if we do not get enough sleep. It is also necessary for the production of certain hormones such as melatonin that are responsible for preventing cancer in your body. This hormone gets severely impacted if you do not get adequate sleep. It is important to have a long, uninterrupted sleep cycle every night to recharge your body.

    These changes may be small but when you combine them with a regular full health check up plan, they can be very impactful.



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