Iron Deficiency Anaemia – Symptoms, Causes, Types, Diet and Treatment

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Are you feeling tired and drained most of the time? If you are having a series of headaches, shortness of breath, recurring irregular heartbeat, then you could be suffering from iron deficiency anaemia. Anaemia is the lack of healthy RBCs in the body to carry sufficient oxygen to the body. Having low haemoglobin doesn’t allow your body organs to function efficiently. As a result, you are fatigued most of the time.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you must go to a pathology lab for an anaemia test to check the haemoglobin levels in your body. The treatment and diet plans can then be suggested by a health practitioner based on the blood test reports.

Let us know some of the Anaemia Causes:


Haemoglobin is a protein complex that contains iron molecules. These iron molecules carry oxygen from the lungs to the other body parts. As the name implies, iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron. Without enough iron, the body can’t produce enough of haemoglobin. Iron deficiency in the body may be due to:

1.  Blood loss in the body:​

If you have a tumor or cancer or stomach ulcer – it can lead to blood loss chronically. While, trauma, childbirth, surgery may lead to rapid blood loss in the body. When there is a loss of blood, the body pulls water into the cells to keep the vessels filled. This results in dilution of the blood and RBCs.


2. Faulty production of RBC:​

Bone marrow is a tissue that is responsible for creating blood cells in the body. When diseases affect bone marrow such as leukemia, the average production of blood cells is disturbed, and high levels of white blood cells are abnormally produced. Some other conditions, such as sickle cell anemia, Crohn’s disease, stem cell production, also lead to low RBC count.


3. Poor diet:

If you have a diet low in Vitamin B-12 and folate, then it can affect the production of RBC as these vitamins are responsible for producing RBC. This type of anemia is also called Megaloblastic and Pernicious Anemia, respectively.


4. Destruction of RBC:​

Some conditions like a snake bite, infections, side effects of antibiotics, clotting, kidney, or liver problems can destroy the RBC before its life span of 120 days.


iron deficiency anemia treatment

Knowing Anaemia Types:


Based on the symptoms, there are different types of Anaemia. Consequently, there are different Anaemia treatment plans too:

1. Sickle cell Anaemia:

Symptoms:  If you notice swelling in the feet, hands coupled with peculiar pain, constant fatigue, and jaundice, it is likely to be sickle cell Anaemia caused due to breakdown and misshape of RBC. These then get stuck in the blood cells leading to pain.


Treatment: You may have to include pain killers, vitamin supplements, and antibiotics. Based on your condition, you may have to undergo a blood transfusion.


2. Haemolytic Anaemia:

Symptoms: Jaundice with high fever, dark-colored urine, and acute abdominal pain leads to the destruction of RBC.


Treatment: A physician will prescribe you medication which can strengthen your immune system as jaundice and pain can weaken your body.


3. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia:

Symptoms: If you are suffering from diarrhoea, irritation, and a smooth tongue, you need to start consuming a diet rich in folic acid to cure anaemia.


Treatment: Vitamin supplements and dietary plans can correct the levels of folic acid in the body.


4. Aplastic Anemia:

Symptoms: Skin rashes, which are combined with frequent infections and fever, causes RBC to be destroyed before their actual life span.

Treatment: It can be cured through medication and blood transfusion or bone marrow transplantation from a donor.



How important is customizing Anaemia Diet?


Any condition in the body directly results in the food intake. Having a well-balanced diet for Anaemia with an active lifestyle can save us from any disease. One of the common causes of Anaemia is lack of iron in the body and vitamins such as folic acid, ascorbic acid.

  • If you have a deficiency of iron or vitamins in the body, then the Anaemia can be cured through a change in your dietary plan.
  • You can include foods rich in iron, such as spinach and other dark leafy veggies, pomegranate, beans, meat, iron-fortified cereals, and dried fruits.
  • Folate and Folic acid are usually found in fruits, peanuts, fruit juices, green peas, kidney beans, cereals, and rice.
  • Vitamin C helps in increasing iron absorption such as citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, melon, tomatoes.
  • Vitamin B-12 must be included in the diet to increase iron levels in the body. Food sources are meat, soy products, fortified foods, dairy products.


Foods To Avoid

Tea, Coffee, Cigarettes, Alcohol which inhibits the absorption of iron should be avoided.

You must take a doctor consultancy who can recommend you the right dosage of vitamins and iron to be included in your diet for increasing haemoglobin levels in the body.

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