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We all want to stay fit. However, sometimes, in our quest to be fit, we get over-ambitious and opt for a new workout routine or increase workout sessions without any guidance or testing. This could have serious repercussions on your health and could be counterproductive for fitness. For instance, it could lead to a decrease in performance, fatigue, mood fluctuations, elevated resting heart rate, insomnia, diminished appetite, fat gain, and a weakened immune system. If you already have a disease or are under medications, your situation might worsen. It is best to go for a Health and Fitness Test and get a workout schedule tailored for yourself based on your key biomarkers.

Here is how going for a health and fitness test would help you decide whether to increase workout sessions or not:

1. Knowing and monitoring key biomarkers in blood – It tests several key biomarkers of Lipid, Liver, Kidney, Bone, Heart, performance Hormone and Anemia. Keeping track of these would help you know how you are going and keep you motivated. Motivation is thus likely to in turn increase your workout performance and endurance.

2. To align your fitness goals with what your body can take in – Your body may or may not be ready for a certain workout routine. Not every exercise is right for everyone. Your body may require more of one kind of exercise and may not be able to take in any of another. Fitness tests along with advice from a General Physician and a Personal Trainer can help tailor a fitness regime that would be just right for you.

3. Raises the Red Flags – If doing a particular exercise leaves you feeling nauseated or dizzy, this test would help raise the underlying health issues. Workouts that should be a big NO should come out with the help of these tests.

4. Helps maximize your performance – It helps optimize your performance by showing you how to make the most of those hours in the gym according to your age, gender, and lifestyle.

5. Staying motivated – Getting Fitness Tests done at periodic intervals helps you see how you are going and seeing improvement in your key biomarkers can be a great boost to keep working out with the same efficiency or the same kind of regime. If there is no significant improvement, it can help channel your energies in working out the right way.

The benefits of going for a Fitness Test are many – from helping optimize your performance, keeping you motivated to flagging off any potential health concerns and helping tailor a fitness plan that is just right for you. 

Don’t put yourself at risk when it comes to your health and fitness. Make wise choices. Go for SRLCare’s Fitness Care Performance Package before you increase your workout sessions and see a marked improvement in your workout performance and endurance! If starting a new workout regime, you could go for SRLCare’s Basic Fitness Plan. Happy Exercising!



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