Let your health check-up chart out your fitness regime

health checkup

A few decades back, the need to go to a gym or a fitness center in order to stay healthy was given less attention. The era was full of physical activity, and only a very few focused on workouts to remain physically fit. For most others, the daily tasks assured them to stay physically active. But today, the sedentary and luxurious lifestyle demands people to engage in exercises and fitness programs outside their houses to keep away a series of lifestyle disorders. Also, with the advent of social media, everyone wants to attain that perfect body figure to show their best looking selves online.

As a result, the focus shifts more to arranging the perfect shoes, tracksuits and music tracks to be used during the fitness regime. And thus, basics like knowing if the fitness regime you are planning on doing would give a positive impact or not takes a back seat . Staying careful about the exercises you choose is hence very crucial. So, begin with a body check-up, even before you join a gym package or invest in those expensive machines.

Customize your program

You need to tailor a fitness regime for yourself. But before that, you need to assess your fitness levels. Your pulse rate after walking 1 mile, your BMI, waist circumference, and weight all should be recorded. You should also check how long you can stretch yourself, and how many sit-ups you can do. In fact, a physical check-up with your GP is highly recommended. The physician gives a clear picture of the dos and don’ts based on your medical history. Now, get a plan for yourself. Set goals and find the many different ways to achieve it. Divide the week into 2 or 3 and allocate separate activities. For instance, if it is walking for two days, try sit-ups or cycling for the next two days. This avoids monotony. Choose low impact exercises to begin with and also ensure you allocate enough time to recover. Engaging in a regime that leads to tiredness faster can only mean quitting the program halfway.

Beat the boredom

You need to begin slowly and be creative. Not only exercises, but also engaging in physical activities can be counted. You can try walking to work or cycling to it, and cut off the workouts for that specific day. Ballroom dancing or hiking too are fantastic choices and cut off the boredom of repeating the same activities. Listen to what your body says. If you feel fatigue or nausea after working out, this means you need to skip the schedule and take a break. Also, consult the doctor.

Monitor the results

If you have already gone through the regular health check-up, you might have an exact idea on the types of equipments you can use for exercising. The different devices available are tempting but one must be wary of being adventurous with them. Not all of them are for everyone. For instance, if you suffer from high blood pressure, specific equipments are red flags for you. To ensure you are going on the right track, you can also try smart devices and apps.

Reward yourself

The craving to break off from the set routine can pop up anytime during the fitness regime you have created. Overcoming this is easy if you can see positive results. Keep monitoring the results and pamper yourself a little bit on the weekends. It is okay to occasionally have a cheat day. When you look at the goal of weight loss achieved, treat yourself with goodies. Making a record of all your achievements can be a great positive reinforcement in sticking to the program.

In fact, your health check-up results would show how these workouts have been benefiting all along. It also boosts determination, keeping you going and on track.





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