Why You Need a Blood Test Before Starting a New Fitness Regime

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If there’s one industry that keeps on growing without any hindrances, or does not lack customers across the globe, it’s the fitness industry. This is not only because of the figure consciousness that is gaining popularity worldwide but also because of of the expanding health awareness of the consumers across the world. Weight gain and obesity are claimed to be the most dangerous conditions in many countries of the world.

But not many people know that appropriate weight loss and fitness programs should be commenced only after undergoing medical tests. Many people might not consider a blood test before starting off on a new fitness regime, but one should always think about it, and here are some compelling reasons listed below stating why one should opt for these tailored tests.

It helps in identifying the best choices for you

If you are a beginner, or if you are considering the fitness regime for the first time, then a physical examination that includes testing your blood helps in narrowing down your choice of exercises. Yes, all activities are not your cup of tea. This also tells your provider, if you have any underlying health issues. You can drop certain exercises from the regime, and also can include some form of activities that are much needed. A blood test at SRL lab gives accurate results and should be your first choice.

Identify your fitness goals

It is not only the physical exercise that is the only part of your fitness regime, the nutrition supplements are also an integral part of the plan. But, can you consume anything and everything that fill the fitness supplement racks of the supermarket? When you are a beginner, you need to fix your fitness goals and need support for that. You can speak with your doctor about what you need to take, and what can actually work for the exercise regime.

Your fitness coach can help better

When you need to stay fit, the best and apt fitness regime and weight loss goals are mandatory. You can speak with your coach about the results and can stay mentally prepared, and committed to your plan. The plan should be something realistic, and your physique should be able to take it.

Alerts on any potential health risk

Does any exercise cause dizziness, nausea, strangely high heartbeat, or any other complications in you? Then there must be some underlying health issue or even malnutrition. A medical test from a noted clinical lab like SRL diagnostics can help you and your doctor determine the cause.

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