Norovirus Infection – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Norovirus Infection Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention


What is Norovirus or winter vomiting bug?


Considered as one of the most common causes for gastroenteritis, Norovirus is a tiny virus that spreads from person to person due to its highly contagious nature.  This RNA containing virus is encompassed by a coating of protein in its surroundings. The development of newer types of Norovirus results in the RNA genome present in these viruses. It is the faecal-oral route that is responsible for the transmission of Norovirus infection among human beings.

Around 685,000,000 diseases are witnessed from this virus and  200,000 death cases are also observed. Younger ones under five years of age are highly susceptible to get affected by this virus. Small intestines can be the cradle or the locus site for the propagation of the Norovirus infection.

Food can also be the carrier of the Norovirus infection, thus it can also be referred to as food poisoning. This infection mainly originates in highly crowded public gatherings such as community hospitals, offices, schools, etc.


Causes of Norovirus infection


Infections that results from Norovirus are considered to be highly contagious in nature so much so that any kind of contaminated food item can turn out to shape as one of the Norovirus causes. The spreading of Norovirus infection takes a fraction of a second to transmit from person to person or place to place.

Norovirus causes can also include contamination of food and water with infected faeces. Moreover, the extent of contamination is so huge that even a tiny amount can lead to the spreading of Norovirus infection in a large mass of people.


Symptoms of Norovirus infection


With the onset of Norovirus infection, there is a drastic change in the physical being of any person. One can experience a tremendous change from being symptomless to an inconsiderably weak one. Norovirus symptoms generally encompasses watery stool, abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting, etc. other Norovirus symptoms are headaches, muscular pains, sudden chills etc.

Symptoms can be discovered after one to two days of infection and can last up to 3 days. Many times, the body is susceptible to experiencing illness and sudden vomiting.. Norovirus infection can easily manifest all the symptoms after some days of illness. But people with chronic diarrhoea are more vulnerable to experiencing electrolyte imbalance that can even result in a coma.


When to visit a doctor?


Mostly people are well capable of handling consequences of Norovirus infection. But, it is very much important to consult a doctor when a patient experiences bloody stools, stomach ache, severe vomiting. People are also advised to visit a doctor, when they are diagnosed with a persistent diarrhoea if it goes on for more than three days.


Norovirus treatment 


It can be duly stated that there is no specific treatment to Norovirus infections since there is no antiviral drug discovered yet that can effectively combat all the infectious Norovirus. Moreover, antibiotics also fail miserably in such cases as they are meant to deal with only bacteria, fungi, etc. but not the viruses.

Despite treating the ailment, physicians are more concerned with the consequences of Norovirus infection. Thus, Norovirus treatment includes checking and prevention of excessive diarrhoea in patients, where severe diarrhoeas can be the most deleterious symptom.

Combating diarrhoea with oral rehydration solutions and/ or drinking plenty of water can be considered as a regime under Norovirus treatment.




As there is no stipulated treatment regime for Norovirus infection, the question arises how to prevent Norovirus infection? The answer can be gathered by maintenance of stringent hygiene along with keeping distances from any contaminated area or food items. It is also   important to refrain from consuming any food prepared by an infected person. Public congregations are to be avoided largely when you are diagnosed with Norovirus.

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