Preventive Health Checkups Packages Price In India

The age old saying “Prevention is better than cure” holds true in today’s scenario when so many new diseases are springing up daily to threaten our life. Earlier there were some communicable diseases like malaria, polio, tuberculosis that threatened the life but nowadays they can be completely cured. Nowadays, people suffer more from the lifestyle diseases that are taking the lives of many people if not controlled at the earlier stages.


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Now Detect Endometriosis in a Day, Research Tells You How

Endometriosis is an agonizing condition that affects one in ten women. This chronic gynecological disease can impact 10-15% women in their reproductive age where the endometrium cells develop right outside the uterus, inside a woman’s pelvic area. If you are experiencing painful periods, infertility, excessive pain during sexual intercourse and pelvic pain, then it is time to get yourself diagnosed.Read More

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