Preventive Health Checkups- Best Health Checkup Packages

The age old saying “Prevention is better than cure” holds true in today’s scenario when so many new diseases are springing up daily to threaten our life. Earlier there were some communicable diseases like malaria, polio, tuberculosis that threatened the life but nowadays they can be completely cured. Nowadays, people suffer more from the lifestyle diseases that are taking the lives of many people if not controlled at the earlier stages.

These include heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, liver problems. These conditions are generally developed due to unhealthy eating habits, and less physical work. Preventive health checkup can help a lot in nipping the issues of these health conditions in the bud.

Why Preventive Health Checkup is Important?

Have you ever wondered why we are so careless for our health to check up when we are so particular about our water purifier or air conditioners to get them serviced at least once in a year? Suddenly we get a pain in chest or stomach and visit the doctor, and then he says if we could have visited him a little earlier, the health would not have got so worsened.

Getting preventive health checkups is not an uphill task today as a significant number of standalone and diagnostic center chains have mushroomed in the country. Not all the diagnostic centers give the accurate results, but SRL is one of the largest diagnostic centers that is almost present in all the major Indian cities to provides the high-quality, accurate tests at the affordable rates.

Here are some of the preventive health check-ups offered by the SRL Diagnostics.

1 . Healthy Gentleman Package

The main components of this test are complete blood count, urine analysis, bilirubin, kidney, liver test, cholesterol, serum thyroid, serum bone, serum heart and prostate cancer specific antigen test. 

2 . Healthy Lady Package

Its main components also include CBC, Hemoglobin, Bacteria, anemia, serum bone, heart and thyroid, cholesterol, etc.

3. Senior Citizen Male and Female

Both the tests for male and female include similar components including CBC, Creatinine, Calcium, Bilirubin, Vitamin D, HS CRP, TSH, Electrolytes, Lipid Profile, Glucose Plasma/Urine, SGOT, SGPT, Prostate, Total Iron, and Urinalysis.

Some of the other preventive health check-ups are Youthful He Package, Youthful She Package, Health Champion Package-Plus and Health Champion Package-Advanced.

SRL provides comprehensive health packages, and its rates vary from city to city. However, they also offer promotional prices time to time on various packages.

Save Taxes on Preventive Health Checkups

You can even get the tax benefits on the health checkups provided by SRL under the health insurance schemes. In the Income Tax Act, under Section 80D the people enjoying the tax benefit are paying the premiums of parents, self, spouse, and children. The number of children is also limitless, and the individual who is holding the medical insurance must have the age of less than 60 years to avail the deduction. The maximum deduction on the premium is Rs. 25,000.


Good health is the biggest asset for anyone, and one should not ignore this fact. When the centers like SRL Diagnostics are present near you, then you should get your health checkup done at the earliest. SRL is ISO certified and is the first private sector lab recognized by the Indian Government. Take a step forward towards your health and plan a full body check up today.

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