Prostate Cancer – Early Detection And Prevention

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Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in Indian men and according to the cancer projection data the number of cases will double by year 2020. Early intervention and various screening techniques ensure timely treatment of prostate cancer and can offer increased life expectancy to the affected person. Prostate cancer prevention can be done with early detection, following healthy diet and habits.

There are some non specific symptoms of this disease like a weak urinary system, interruption in the urinary system, pain while urinating, blood in urine, irritation while urinating etc. In advanced prostate cancer cases bone pain in ribs, hip and waist and back pain are common.

Screening for prostate cancer is a useful measure to stay forewarned. This is because no warning signs can be seen in the earlier stages of this cancer, and although screening is not a diagnosis, one can be assured that various methods can be used to find the existence of disease and apt treatment can be implemented.

Digital Rectal Exam

DRE is an examination technique employed by doctors that involves a gloved hand being inserted into the rectum of the patient to feel the prostate gland from behind. This is a very fast and simple technique, and no preparation is needed. The doctor would be able to find the presence of lumps, size of the prostate, hardness and abnormal texture of the gland.

PSA Test

Prostate Specific Antigen test helps in detection of prostate cancer or non cancerous enlargement of the gland. PSA is produced both by the cancerous and the healthy cells. The level of PSA in the blood goes up when there is a growth in the prostate. When the PSA levels are at a particular level, your doctor might tell you to opt for a biopsy. It is important vital to note that increased PSA levels can be due to various reasons and not only cancer.

Prevention with Healthy Lifestyle

Screening and therapies can definitely cut down your odds. But, there are specific methods to keep it off for long.

Eating a healthy diet is highly recommended. The diet that contains green tea, soybean, vegetables, and fish, as well as low in calories and fat are good for prostate health. Another diet known as the Mediterranean diet is high on fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and fish. So the writing on the wall is to cut down or avoid red meat. Pomegranates, particularly pomegranate juice, have been shown to slow prostate tumor growth and may help prevent prostate cancer recurrence after primary treatment.


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