Renal Function Test or RFT – Importance, Results & Cost

Renal Function Test Cost

Undoubtedly kidneys are a vital part of our body as it helps in excreting every single waste product. But due to the lives we lead today and the food we eat today, developing a kidney disease won’t be very surprising. In fact, one out of 3 people is at a risk of having kidney disease. There can be a variety of reasons behind an improperly functioning kidney which can be easily cured if diagnosed early.


It can be hard to assess if your kidney is functioning properly just by sitting at home. That is when the RFT or Renal Function Tests comes into the picture. The tests help you understand whether you have a healthy kidney or not. This blog here is genuinely dedicated to helping you understand the renal function tests and why is it important to take one. So, without further ado…

What is the RFT or Renal Function Test?


Are you aware of every tiny element that makes your kidney healthy? Well, chances are you know only a few of them or none of them. RFT is specifically designed keeping all those things in mind. The full form of RFT is Renal Function Tests, and it is done to ensure that you have a healthy kidney.


What all are included in a renal function test?


  • An examination of your Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Serum Creatinine. An increased level of BUN and creatinine indicates kidney problems.
  • Albumin test. An increased Albumin in your RFT test means you have a damaged kidney.
  • Your sodium and potassium levels are also tested.
  • Other than that, an estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate is also included in the package. It is the measurement of the rate at which your body is removing excess and waste.
  • The package also includes chloride test, an increased amount of which indicates a damaged kidney.


Why is the RFT done?


RFT blood test is significantly suggested to patients who show a sign of improper functioning of kidneys. Doctors tend to recommend these tests to patients with underlying health conditions:


  • People with high blood pressure.
  • People who experience pain during urination.
  • Diabetic patients


The test is done on two types of patients – who show symptoms of kidney problem or is already a patient having a kidney disease. A timely check of the kidneys can help you completely get rid of the problem in no time. Whereas, a little delay can be a cause of a severe problem.


Above all, it is often done to ensure that the patient with kidney disease is returning to a healthy state. If not, the medication and treatments are changed for the patient.


RFT Test At Home




Results of the RFT test generally takes up to 8 hours after the sample is submitted. So, if you submit a sample in the morning at RFT Test Lab near you, you will most likely get the results by evening.


If your result of the test is more or less than the Renal Function Test normal values, you must consider consulting a doctor immediately. The Renal Function test normal values are generally around 7 to 20 mg/dL (2.5 to 7.1 mmol/L). RFT normal ranges may vary, depending on the reference range used by the lab, and your age.

Test cost


We, SRL Diagnostics, provide a relatively affordable range of RFT packages. RFT test price ranges from Rs.700 to 1,500 and covers every important aspect of the test. Besides, you can take the RFT test at home as well with SRL Diagnostics.

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