A rise of type 2 diabetes in teens and children

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Diabetes has become a household term, and not only adults but children and teens can also be affected by diabetes. Fifteen to twenty years backreports of diabetes in kids were scarce and the diabetes diagnosed used be type 1. But now the rate of growth of the type 2 diabetes in children and in teenagers is becoming alarming. With the lifestyle becoming more and more sedentary each day, and the food options filled with sugar and fats, it is a sad state to see young people depending on medication for an entire lifetime to stay healthy. Diabetes blood test confirms the existence of this disease, and the affected people are not mature enough to understand this.


This immensely disturbing trend points towards a very common cause – obesity. Around 2/3rd of the affected children are fat, and the shocking fact is that most of them belong to the age group of 5 and 9. It is the responsibility of the parents to watch the weight of the child. When parents find their children to be overweight, it is essential that they talk to their pediatrician immediately on this. When your child is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you need to focus on healthy diet habits and right physical activity regimen. If the whole family can adapt to the diet and exercise plan, then the kids are also encouraged to follow suit. Managing the condition is possible only when the diet and exercises are followed correctly.

Food practices

It is also essential to keep children off from junk food. Sugar loaded drinks are significant culprits for developing diabetes in kids. Advertisements in the TV target kids and the colorful logos make an impact in the young minds and compel them to try the foods. Parents need to draw a line and ensure kids do not engage in eating too much of junk food. When affected by diabetes, it is best to eliminate junk foods entirely. As type 2 diabetes is a recent phenomenon in children, the treatment plans are getting fine tuned. However, changing food habits play a major role in managing this disease.

What studies say?

Clinical Studies are conducted to find the reason behind the disease, and it is seen that the type 2 diabetes can develop in children 3 times faster than in adults. The weakening of beta cells is even more rapid in the teenagers as compared to children and adults. This means once started, the disease can aggressively grow in teenage. When type 2 diabetes is not controlled in the kids, the complications are massive. One of the severe troubles is that it affects heart and kidney rapidly. There is also a threat of increase in LDL and cholesterol levels. It is also essential to conduct screenings to ensure that the organs which are often affected by diabetes are in good shape. It becomes vital to begin a health program that concentrates on improving the heart health and health of the kidneys. Moreover, testing for eyes too is mandatory to be done twice a year.

Bottom Line

It is an unfortunate fact that scientists and doctors do not have a cure for diabetes as yet. Diabetes test for all the family members can at least help in staying alert.

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