Thyroid symptoms & precautions you must know

thyroid symptoms
The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located below Adam’s apple on the lower side of the neck in the body. The problems with the organ can go unnoticed even if it is showing worrying symptoms. Many people do not link the signs with the improper functioning of the thyroid gland and give it more time to get the condition worsen and to take an appropriate treatment. This gland is responsible for producing T3, and T4 hormones and 1-3 in every 50 women are often found to be suffering from a thyroid problem.

This also plays a vital role in converting food into fuel and thus regulating the metabolism of the body. Thyroid disease types are classified into hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and goiter. Based on the thyroid symptoms, the physician can diagnose the ailment type even before a blood test is done.


Goiter is a condition that is caused by the iodine deficiency, and a bulge in the neck region appears. Hyperthyroidism often causes a toxic goiter.


When the level of the thyroid hormones dips in the blood, then it is called hypothyroidism. It affects women in higher rates as compared with men and can affect pregnancy too. The causes behind this can be anything, ranging from the autoimmune diseases to the medications taken for the hyperthyroidism, which is to control the higher amount of thyroid hormones in the blood. When other glands in the body do not perform right, even this can lead to this condition. Iodine deficiency is another common reason for stimulating hypothyroidism.


  • A person suffering from hypothyroidism feels cold, sluggishness, loss of appetite and weight gain.
  • Cretinism in the children leads to mental retardation and bone deformities.


This is a case where the thyroid hormones are produced in abundance, and this causes various malfunctions in the body.  In adults who suffer from the autoimmune disease called the Grave’s disease, the body secretes more thyroid hormones as the lookalike TSH antibodies are secreted by the immune system. In case of tumors, body again secretes more TSH leading to this condition. When medications are given to improve thyroid secretion, in case of hypothyroidism, this can yet prove to be adverse if the patient takes a higher dose of medicine. Inflammation of the thyroid gland, called as thyroiditis, can also lead to this problem.


Hyperthyroidism makes a person to overeat, heat sensitive and hyperactive.

Precautions to keep thyroid levels under control


Keep a tab on your food intake. A balanced and utterly nutritious diet not only helps you to stay healthy but also takes care of all sorts of hormonal secretions. The immune response is triggered when the intestinal lining is inflamed. This can always be reasons for imbalanced thyroid hormones. Taking lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, salmon and extra virgin oil can help you to ensure perfect thyroid levels.

Avoid processed foods

Processed and packed foods are not only threatening to your weight but also can be a disaster for various health goals. Transfat, high fructose, refined sugar and MSG cannot be ruled out in the processed and packed foods. Even vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, watercress and cruciferous vegetables can stimulate autoimmune diseases. Ensure, these foods are always cooked. Raw consumption can interfere with the synthesis of thyroid hormones.


Defiance of iodine is one of the primary reasons for thyroid issues across the world. Supplements can be taken, and in many countries, it is done with the iodized table salt and dairy foods. However, too much of iodine can lead to hyperthyroidism. If you are all for taking iodine pills, then you should first consult a doctor. Thyroid health can be maintained by taking Vitamin D or selenium. Vitamin D is mandatory if the immune system is less fortified. Again, do not eat any supplements without your doctor’s advice.

Stay off from environmental toxins

Exposure to endocrine disruptors for long can again lead to thyroid secretion imbalance. Waterproof clothing, non-stick cookware, carpets, flame resistant are few examples of things that can inhibit the endocrines. This is closely connected to thyroid disease. Antibacterial soaps that have triclosan as an ingredient can disturb hormonal levels.

Thyroid problems can be treated with ease when found early. Always seek doctor’s advice before you try any medicine for your health problems related to thyroid.

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