Tips for treating tingling and numbness in hands and feet due to diabetes

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Paresthesia, this term would be entirely new to you. But you would have known it by the complications. The pin and needles experience of a diabetic is what this term denotes. This can be a spoiler for anything. You would not be able to sit, stand or sleep.  If you feel that living with the discomfort of paresthesia is the only way out then this is a misconception. Moreover, if you think that there are no ways out to get rid of the pain, then one of the approaches with which you can tackle it is by keeping your diabetes well controlled.

It is a fact that nerves that are damaged cannot be replaced. You can stop further damage by managing diabetes. You can try lots of diet and exercise regimen to ensure that you have a healthy diabetes level.


A physical therapist can help you to treat the pain. You can also try few activities like swimming if you want to bring down the pain. You need to stick to a healthy workout routine if you’re going to manage pain. To keep the diabetes level under the tab, you would be required to lose weight, and you can achieve both the goals by choosing the exercise routine wisely. One instance is swimming, which is excellent for the pain, and also to weight loss.


Choosing over the counter medicines is also a good option to get rid of the pain. Capsaicin cream is the popular medicine for the pain. It has no steroids and has no side effects as a result. The only thing you need to be careful about is that the cream should not be taken near the eyes, as the main ingredient comes from hot peppers. Medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin can be used to reduce the inflammation. But this is not effective. But, you need to check with your doctor, if these can be taken. The medicines will be changed based on the diabetes blood test numbers.

Home remedies and care

A few home remedies make the nerves healthy and help in alleviating the pain. You can try the mixture of carrot and spinach juice. You can take 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice, and mix them. This should be taken 2 to 3 times a week. Using the essential oils to rub on the affected area can help in relieving pain. Vitamin B supplements can be used to suppress the pain. Warm water baths can assist in releasing the pain. Blood flow is improved when the water is hot, and you need to, however, check the temperature of the water before entering it. Check with the foot or elbow. Always keep foot and nails clean. In case of injury or cuts, contact your doctor immediately.  Do not indulge in activities that can hurt your feet. Use socks in places where you cannot use footwear.

One of the things that are mandatory when you want to manage diabetes is to quit smoking and alcohol. Take a diabetes test frequently, and check if your health condition is at the right stage.


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