Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Treatment & Test Cost

vitamin d deficiency signs causes symptoms

If you are plagued with milk allergies, don’t enjoy the sunshine, or take a strict vegan diet, you run the risk of vitamin D deficiency. A major cause of vitamin D deficiency is having insufficient exposure to natural sunlight. This can be the result of following an indoor lifestyle and staying inside throughout the day. There are quite serious health risks associated with this deficiency. Therefore, if you have a deficiency of vitamin D, read on for the symptoms and cure for the same.

Signs and Symptoms


The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are muscle weakness, bone pain, acute asthma in children, heart disease, and cancer. One of the significant symptoms is cognitive impairments in older adults. The symptoms are not that intense for some patients. Thus, even if you don’t have clear symptoms like the ones stated above, vitamin D deficiency can take a toll on your health.




There are numerous reasons why you have too little vitamin D in your body.

Here are the major causes:

Little sunlight exposure: Your body creates vitamin D when you bask in the sun. However, if you stay indoors, wear full-sleeve clothes, or use head covers, you may be deficient in vitamin D.

Vegan diet: If you take a strict vegan diet devoid of fish, fish oils, fortified milk, and egg yolks, you will have little vitamin D.

Dark complexion: Melanin, the skin pigment lessens the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight. Research has proved that older adults with dark complexion are susceptible to vitamin D deficiency.

Obesity: Individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above have lesser vitamin D in their body. This vitamin is pulled out from your blood through fat cells, thus changing its release during circulation.

Inability to absorb vitamin D: A few medical conditions in people affect their intestine’s ability to soak up this vitamin from food consumed. These ailments include cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, or Celiac disease.

Treatment and Cure


The treatment involves more exposure to vitamin D via diet, sunlight, and medications, especially supplements. Though there is no fixed rule for maintaining a certain level of vitamin D to stay healthy, anything under 20 nanograms per ml is considered inadequate and calls for the right treatment.  The course of treatment depends on your overall health and age.

According to the Institute of Medicine, the suggested dietary allowance or RDA is 600 international units (IU) for all in the age bracket of 1-70 and 800 IU for people aged 70 years or more. It is essential for maintaining and improving bone health. Your doctor may recommend more than 4,000 IU to treat vitamin D deficiency.

The Vitamin D test cost generally ranges from Rs. 210 – Rs.4,100 at most of the Diagnostic centres in India. If you are looking for best pathology labs in your city, you can search for “vitamin D testlab near me on the internet.

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