Yoga vs Gyming: 5 Differences with Benefits

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Sedentary life and its side-effects in the form of various lifestyle diseases are making us aware of the fact that it is very much essential to indulge in regular physical activities.  In light of this, a majority of people have been arguing over which one is better – yoga or gym!? Well, as practising yoga and burning calories at a gym are two different forms of physical exercises with a different outlook, it is quite obvious for people to compare them. We, at SRL Diagnostics, have made this comparison easy and to-the-point for your reference.


Let’s dive in straight into the comparative analysis!


Benefits of Yoga over Benefits of Gym


The literal meaning of yoga is “union”.  It is based on a holistic approach that strengthens your mind, body, and soul through various physical postures, breathing practices, and meditation to infuse you with an abundance of positive energy and improves your mental control. However, a session at a gym mainly focuses on improving the physical condition of your body through various workouts.



No equipment needed


The process of yoga does not rely on any equipment or gadget. It uses your entire body when it comes to strengthening. It makes your body strong and toned using your body weight through different types of yogasanas. On the contrary gyming sessions are next to impossible without machines, equipment, weights, and all such stuff. You need to work on different muscles individually for getting benefits unlike yoga, wherein your entire body benefits.



Yoga is for everyone


You can practice yoga, regardless of your health and age. In fact, it has been found effective in regulating metabolism and treating various health conditions, even Cancer and Parkinson’s. However, age and certain health conditions might limit you from hitting the gym as gyming sessions are less likely to be designed therapeutically.



Yoga increases your focus


While practising yoga, you tend to focus on your breathing, gaze, and postures with no distractions at all. Although you can try this out at your gym, avoiding distractions is less likely to be easy.



Yoga is a stress buster


Yoga is effective when it comes to reducing stress levels. However, as far as the environment of a gym is concerned, it’s pretty much competitive with bright lights and peppy music on that sometimes tends to increase your stress level.


To help you understand the differences between yoga and gym in a better way, the team of experts at SRL diagnostics has designed a table for you. Let’s have a look –


gym benefits


Differences in Yoga versus Gyming


Differentiating Parameters         Gym             Yoga
Age groups It is not recommended to people who are old and suffer from certain ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, and back pain. There is no age bar when it comes to practising yoga.
Requirement of trainer You definitely need a fitness expert to guide you through your gyming session and its different stages in light of your body and its needs. Initially, you might need a trainer for mastering the tough poses. However, in general, you can practice yogasanas on your own by following books, videos, and joining online classes.
Facility to practice It requires a well-equipped gyming facility for proper training. You can do yoga wherever you want, your home, park or office
Cost It is quite an expensive option owing to the need for gym facility and costly equipment. Although it can be done at home, you still need some accessories. The maximum you’ll need is a yoga mat. So, it’s an inexpensive choice with minimal need for accessories and equipment.  A proper mat and you are ready to go!
Withdrawal effects Once you stop going to the gym, yes, the chances of having withdrawal effects are fairly high, such as muscle pain, soreness, uneasiness, and your body might lose the tone it has achieved during the workout sessions. If you discontinue yoga, the chances of having withdrawal effects are minimal.
Strain You tend to get exhausted, dehydrated, and tired after your gym sessions. Yoga is not or minimally tiring.
Interest Youths and kids tend to find gyming an interesting activity to do. The younger generations might find it a bit boring.
Outlook It keeps you energetic and healthy. Yoga keeps you calm, fresh, and full of energy.
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