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Creating an environment that inspires
human connection

SRL: Employee Connect

We at SRL believe that employees are vital to an organization. They are the pillars that lend immense support towards achieving common company goals and growth objectives. We value the responsibilities with which our employees work tirelessly towards our growth, and hence take pride in engaging them as prudent members of the SRL family.


Employee Engagement and Recognition

SRL makes continuous and conscious efforts to encourage, recognize and applaud excellence in performance through various programs implemented within the organization. Prompt and immediate recognition is given to employees for their outstanding performance as per the company reward and recognition policy.
Employee engagement is again an essential part of any and every organization. We at SRL believe in engaging our employees to a level where they feel at home irrespective of any position they hold with us. We believe in equality and respect to every member who is part of our family, henceforth time to time engagement activities are organized to keep our employees united and strengthened.

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Rise with Us

We at SRL recognize talent, and we'll provide opportunities for individuals to grow and achieve in their careers. We invite you to reach higher with ongoing training and a progressive career path.
You will have the opportunity to work closely with business leaders who will provide a clear picture of your initial career path and your development possibilities. We link our regular performance reviews with career progression planning.
We at SRL believe in keeping our employees happy by giving them multiple opportunities to rise and strengthen their skills within the organization structure at different levels through below mentioned programs-

  • Sales Development Centers

    SDC is a three step process in which the assessors are observed & evaluated on his/her capability and given a specific feedback on his/her areas of strengths and improvement.

  • High Potential

    Identifying and developing the high potentials within the SRL to meet the talent requirements for critical needs based on the business needs. Develop action plans to close the talent gaps. Evaluate current depth & diversity of succession planning.

  • Development Programs

    Various learning and development programs have been developed to help our employees to grow and learn in this competitive environment. Every individual who is part of our family is well trained and inducted about our values and achievements.

  • Care Training – Customer Attract Retain Engage

    This training is to upgrade and standardize customer handling capability at all the labs and centers.

  • Nneev

    It is a robust induction program for developing the front line field force for 15 days which covers the technical aspects as well as the soft skills.

The Voice

At SRL, we are driven by our people. Check out what our employees have to say about us




    It has been a journey of 5 years with SRL.  Saying   that it has been an amazing journey would be saying too less.  This has been a journey like no other.  My tenure here   during these five years has made me intrinsically an ardent believer in the SRL value system and the strong ethical foundation   of this organization.

  • Sheela Joy

    Sheela Joy

    Senior Manager Wellness

    SRL is my world. I joined in 1999 and kept continuously opportunity to grow and learn. SRL has given me growth, encouragement to do better every day and a never to say no attitude. SRL’s prosperity is my aim and it motivates me every day to give the best to the customers and increase our brand value. People are respected, valued and heard.