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Thyroid: Get Informed
& Take Control

An introduction to Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid diseases are one of the commonly occurring endocrine disorders worldwide.

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thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders are conditions that affect the thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck below the Adam's apple.

The thyroid has important roles to regulate numerous metabolic processes throughout the body. TSH causes the thyroid gland to make two hormones: triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

T3 and T4 help control body's metabolism, maintain the rate at which body uses fats and carbohydrates, help control body temperature, influence heart rate etc.

thyroid gland hormones
Types of Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid disorder are of two types - Type 1 - Hypo Thyroidisim, Type 2 - Hyper Thyroidism
Hypo Thyroidism:
Often reffered to as underactive throid gland leading to inadequate thyroid hormone secretion. Like Fatigue, Poor concentration, Dry skin, Constipation, Feeling cold, Infertility, Muscle and jointaches, Depression, Irregular menstrual cycle, Hair Loss, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, acute thyroiditis and postpartum thyroiditis.
Hyper Thyroidism:
Often reffered to as overactive throid gland leading to excess thyroid hormone secretion. Some of are Tremor, Nervousness, Fast heart rate, Fatigue, Intolerance for heat, Increase in bowel movements, Increased sweating, Concentration problems, Unintentional weight loss, Graves' disease, Toxic multinodular goiter, Excessive iodine consumption.
thyroid disorders in older woman
Older Woman
thyroid disorders being autoimmune disease
Being autoimmune disease
family history of thyroid disease
Having family history
of thyroid disease
anti-thyroid medications
Have been treated with
anti-thyroid medications
radiation to neck and or upper chest
Recieved radiation to neck
and or upper chest
thyroid surgery
Have had thyroid surgery
(partial thyroidectomy)
been pregnant
Have been pregnant
Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders

The symptoms below are usually found in thyroid disorder people. In keeping with this, it is advisable to consult a doctor in case you feel that you have Thyroid disorder.

Prevalence & Incidence


It has been estimated that about 200 million people suffer from thyroid disorders worldwide and about 42 million people are in India.


Thyroid disorders in India are characterized by a high prevalence around 11% of adult population.

thyroid disorders during pregnancy

Thyroid Dysfunction and Pregnancy

Thyroid disorders are the second most common endocrine disorders during pregnancy after diabetes mellitus. The Indian Thyroid Society (ITS) guidelines clearly recommend that "all pregnant women should be screened at 1st antenatal visit by measuring TSH levels", and highlight that "ideally screening should be carried out during pre-pregnancy evaluation or as soon as pregnancy is confirmed".

thyroid diagnosis test

Diagnosis of Thyroid

The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test is the best screening test forconditions that can affect the thyroid gland.The results of a TSH test should be considered along with the results of thyroid hormone tests (T3 and T4).

thyroid co-testing

Thyroid co-testing

Thyroid hormones significantly affect lipoprotein metabolism and in many cases Hypothyroidism and secondary hypercholesterolemia co-exists. Estimates of the prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism* among patients with dyslipidemia ranges from 1.4% to 11.2%. It has been seen that over 90% of overtly hypothyroid patients have hyperlipidemia.

thyroid dysfunction and diabetes mellitus

Thyroid Dysfunction and Diabetes Mellitus

The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test is the best screening test forconditions that can affect the thyroid gland.The results of a TSH test should be considered along with the results of thyroid hormone tests (T3 and T4).

Thyroid Management

Medications can be given to replace the missing thyroid hormone in hypothyroidism. When hyperthyroidism is present, medications can be used to decrease production of thyroid hormone or prevent its release from the gland.

Eat healthy diet

More fruits and vegetables and less sugar and salt

Stay physically active

10 to 20 minutes a day is better than only an hour once a week

Our Thyroid Health Check Packages

SRL Diagnostics offer two diabetes health check packages that empower your doctors to understand your thyroid conditions better and advise you the right medicines and lifestyles changes. Go for the one that meets your current health needs and keep your thyroid in check.

Thyroid Health Check
  • thyroid panel

    Thyroid Panel

    T3, T4, TSH

  • TSH



  • thyroid panel II

    Thyroid Panel II

    FT3, FT4, TSH

  • TPC Plus

    TPC Plus

    T3, T4, TSH, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Fasting Blood Sugar

  • FT Plus

    FT Plus

    FT3, FT4, TSH, Lipid Profile, Fasting Blood Sugar


Co-testing is recommended to screen and diagnose the co-existing disease like Thyroid Disorders, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes.