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youthful he packages

Youthful He Package

41 Parameters @ 999/-

Protect yourself from various diseases with the Youthful He package which covers 41 parameters for an extensive body checkup including thyroid and bone health.

youthful she packages

Youthful She Package

41 Parameters @ 999/-

Ensure better protection with early detection with the Youthful She package covering 41 parameters including thyroid and bone health.

health champion package plus

Health Champion Package Plus (HCP Plus)

65 Parameters @ 3,499/-

Get tested with SRL Diagnostics’ HCP + for an all-inclusive body checkup covering 65 parameters which includes nerve, bone and general body diagnosis.

health champion package advanced

Health Champion Package Advanced (HCP Advanced)

80 Parameters @ 4950/-

Get a comprehensive full body checkup with HCP Advanced which takes into account a total of 80 parameters including anemia, heart and liver diagnosis.

male senior citizen health packages

Senior Citizen Male

56 Parameters @ 1950/-

Get tested with SRL Diagnostics’ Senior Citizen Male for an all-inclusive body checkup covering 56 parameters which includes nerve, bone and general body diagnosis.

female senior citizen health packages

Senior Citizen Female

55 Parameters @ 1850/-

Get tested with SRL Diagnostics’ Senior Citizen Female for an all-inclusive body checkup covering 55 parameters which includes nerve, bone and general body diagnosis.

 healthy gentleman packages

Healthy Gentlemen Package

46 Parameters @ 1450/-

Take timely corrective measures for your health with the Healthy Gentlemen package which covers 46 parameters including heart, liver and kidney diagnosis.

 healthy lady packages

Healthy Lady Package

48 Parameters @ 1350/-

Take care of your health with the Healthy Lady package which covers 48 parameters for a complete body checkup including thyroid, kidney and heart diagnosis.

diabetes check

Diabetes Check


Get yourself tested for diabetes with SRL Diagnostics’ Diabetes Check which takes into account 30 parameters for a comprehensive checkup glucose fasting, lipid profile and urinalysis.

extensive diabetes check

Extensive Diabetes Check


Treat and manage your diabetes better with our Extensive Diabetes Check which covers 33 parameters including diabetes, heart and complete body checkup.

thryoid profile check

Thyroid Profile


Check your thyroid gland with SRL Diagnostics’ Thyroid Profile which takes into account 3 parameters that include T3, T4 and TSH.

thryoid panel

Thyroid Panel II


Evaluate your thyroid levels with Thyroid Panel II which covers 3 parameters which includes T3, T4, TSH and Ultra.

heart healthy package

Healthy Heart Package


For an extensive heart checkup, opt for the Healthy Heart Package which covers 45 parameters including thyroid and complete body checkup.

advanced heart health

Healthy Heart Package Advanced


Give your heart the treatment it deserves with the Healthy Heart Package Advanced, which takes into account 51 parameters including urinalysis and complete body count.

 healthy liver

Healthy Liver Package


Diagnose your liver with SRL Diagnostics’ Healthy Liver Check which covers a total of 8 parameters which includes SGOT and SGPT.


Hypertension Profile


Suffering from Hypertension? Get yourself checked with SRL Diagnostics’ Hypertension Profile which takes into account 29 parameters including diabetes, kidney and urinalysis.


Obesity Package


Keep track of your obesity levels with SRL Diagnostics’ Obesity Panel which covers 28 parameters which includes heart, kidney and electrolytes checkup.


Arthritis Screen


Take care of your joints with SRL Diagnostics’ Arthritis Screen checkup which takes into account 37 parameters including complete body count and urinalysis.

why choose srl ?

SRL is the largest Diagnostics Company in India having an impressive 'Reach', providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers through a very efficient network of labs and collection points. The vision to create SRL diagnostics was driven by the philosophy to provide high quality accurate tests/ outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. SRL is known for high ethical standards synonymous with 'TRUST' and each and every constituent of 'Team SRL' follows immaculate value system.

SRL has largest menu of tests in India and carries out 1,25,000 Tests per day

Most Accredited Lab Network in India with 41 NABL & 4 CAP Accredited Lab

More than 5351 Collection points in India & 70 Collection Points outside India

First lab in the Private Sector recognized by the Government of India

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