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Sedentary Life Packages

Sedentary Lifestyle Package

50 Parameters @ 1899/-

Ideal for  those suffering from 'Sitting Disease'

Package for Professionals

Professionals on the go Package

51 Parameters @ 1899/-

Professionals who tend to ignore their health in lieu of professional tasks at hand

Package for Homemakers

Homemakers Package

53 Parameters @ 1899/-

Ideal for Homemakers who take full care of their family but sometimes ignore their health & complain of fatigue & joint pain

60 Plus Male Package

60+ Male Package

58 Parameters @ 1999/-

Ideal for men above the age of 60 years, who want to get a comprehensive health check up done

60 Plus Female Package

60+ Female Package

59 Parameters @ 1999/-

Ideal for women above the age of 60 years, who want to get a comprehensive health check up done

Menopause Test Diagnosis Package

Menopause Package

0 Parameters @ 1999/-

Advance Testing for Women approaching Menopause

Performance Health Checkup Package

Performance Package

54 Parameters @ 2999/-

Ideal for people who want to improve their workout performance and endurance

Weight Control Female Package

Weight Control - Female Package

74 Parameters @ 3599/-

Women complaining of unexplained & uncontrolled weight gain

Hypertension Test


Allergy Test


Kidney Function Test and Kidney Checkup Packages

Kidney Test


Advance Testing for Kidney Functioning

Anemia & Chronic Fatigue Test

Anemia Test


Advance Testing for Chronic Fatigue

Vitamin & Mineral Test Checkup Package

Vitamin & Mineral Check Test


People who fall sick often and complain of general weakness

Fatigue Test & Checkup Package

Fatigue Check Test


People who feel tired All The Time, Even After A Full Night's Sleep

Weight Control Male Package

Weight Control - Male Test


Men complaining of unexplained & uncontrolled weight gain

Premium Test


The Complete Care Premium package is ideal for you if you lead a stressful life and have lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, allergy, etc.

why choose srl ?

SRL is the largest Diagnostics Company in India having an impressive 'Reach', providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers through a very efficient network of labs and collection points. The vision to create SRL diagnostics was driven by the philosophy to provide high quality accurate tests/ outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. SRL is known for high ethical standards synonymous with 'TRUST' and each and every constituent of 'Team SRL' follows immaculate value system.

SRL has largest menu of tests in India and carries out 1,25,000 Tests per day

Most Accredited Lab Network in India with 41 NABL & 4 CAP Accredited Lab

More than 5351 Collection points in India & 70 Collection Points outside India

First lab in the Private Sector recognized by the Government of India

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