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Pathology Services

We offer advanced pathology testing services
and follow highest quality standards at our
4 centers of excellence


For over a hundred years, human pathology has been one of the "keystones" of medicine and rightly so at SRL, we offer our patients world-class Pathology services because their well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

Pathology is quite simply the scientific study of the overall response of your body to any foreign influence, i.e., disease. Actually, we use this knowledge to diagnose & subsequently treat your ailment. What we basically do is carefully compare the normal structure and function of a human body (anatomy and physiology) to the abnormal structure and function we witness in an unwell human.

Doing this is the most crucial phase & we take note of even the minutest details while adjudging the extent of your ailment because one slip can lead to an incorrect diagnosis, posing serious threat to your health. Our experts ensure that they are extremely careful while analyzing the samples.

This is where our advanced technology chips in. SRL is proud to host state-of-the-art equipments based on the latest technology for a speedy and accurate result. We do not take any chances whatsoever with your health & well-being.

Avail our Pathology services with no hesitation. You are always in good hands with SRL.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence are clinical laboratories focused on one or two areas of diagnostics. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and manned by some of the most experienced and skilled doctors and technicians. They offer an exhaustive number of options in the area of their specialization.

We currently have 4 Centres of Excellence as detailed below:

COE forMolecular Pathology

Future of modern medicine is likely to be guided by two main pillars: Molecular Pathology and technological advancements. Today, after 15-20 years of frenetic pace of development

COE forCytogenetics

Medical genetics plays an important role in all the aspects of medical practice: prevention, screening, diagnosis, and management. About 60% of the pregnancy losses, 2-3% of all the neonates and 50% of childhood deafness, blindness, mental retardation...

COE forHistopathology

Not many outside the medical profession know what histopathology is or what a histopathologist does. Yet, few surgical decisions - especially on cancer and related disorders would be possible without histopathology. Histopathology and...

COE forHematology

Performance of tests, interpretation of data and reporting of results in sub-specialties with high interpretative content, e.g. Hematology, Coagulation and Flow Cytometry require professional inputs of the highest quality and competence.

Besides these offerings by our centres of excellence, we also provide a wide range of diagnostic assays covering Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Coagulation Studies, Infectious Disease Serology, Auto-immune Disorders, Endocrinology and Cytology.

Tele Pathology

SRL has put in place a 'limited' Tele-Pathology service with an aim to provide quality, cost-effective reporting to its international clients. The need for Tele-Pathology is being increasingly felt worldwide as there is an acute shortage of trained morphologists (Histopathologists, Cytopathologists and Hematopathologists), lack of sub-specialty expertise and long turnaround times for histo-cytopathology reporting at present. Tele-pathology services at SRL provide a solution for this need.

SRL being pioneers of all recent technologies will now bring forward this First Telepathology workshop on Gastrohepatopathology from India “TEL –GHW 2019”
This first distant learning course with access to whole slide image viewing and discussion through webinar organized by Dr Nalini Bansal Gupta by Department of Histopathology at SRL Ltd, Fortis Escorts Okhla New Delhi.

The course has been awarded 6 hours and 30 min by Delhi Medical Council.