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Future of modern medicine is likely to be guided by two main pillars: Molecular Pathology and technological advancements. Today, after 15-20 years of frenetic pace of development, Molecular Pathology is universally acknowledged as the modern face of Pathology. It is at the heart of modern diagnostics and translational research. In India, SRL laid the foundation of this emerging discipline through research, expertise in indigenous development of molecular tests, innovations and strategic implementation of cutting-edge technologies. SRL has been a visionary organization in the field of Clinical Diagnostics in India, in recognizing the importance of this branch, well ahead of time. India’s first Centre of Excellence in Molecular Pathology was established in Mumbai almost 15 years back. Since then SRL has been leading the Molecular Pathology advancements in India.

This centre focuses on advanced molecular tools for incisive diagnosis and successful management of clinically challenging infectious diseases, genetic and familial disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is recognized for its comprehensive portfolio, cutting-edge technologies, high quality standards as well as proficiency in the field of molecular testing. Apart from routine molecular assays, various research based assays pertaining to high complexity genetic disorders have been developed through R&D efforts and are offered under the specialized R&D services wing of this centre, which functions in complete alignment with the guidelines set by American College of Medical Genetics.

Over 150 molecular assays are being offered in three different subspecialties of Molecular Pathology:

  • Molecular Infectious Diseases
  • Molecular Oncology
  • Molecular Genetics

Advanced molecular techniques and technologies such as ARMS PCR, PCR Hybridization, Real Time PCR, PCR Sequencing, Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification, Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (MLPA), Ribotyping, GeneXpert, Pyrosequencing and Next Generation Sequencing have been successfully absorbed for clinically relevant applications. State-of-the-art high throughput fully automated technologies such as Cobas Ampliprep/Cobas Taqman, Abbott ms 2000sp and ms2000rt are employed for accurate monitoring of HIV, HBV and HCV viral loads. High end tests based on gold standard technology i.e. Sanger Sequencing assays have been indigenously developed and offered for high sensitive screening of mutations / gene polymorphisms responsible for either drug resistance or for prognosis of different disease entities. Through unparalleled integration of scientific expertise and technological knowhow, scientists at this center dedicatedly strive to create clinically relevant tools benefiting patient management and care. Due to its explicit combination of advanced technologies, scientific talent and legacy, this center stands out as citadel of excellence in Molecular Pathology.

Considering its pioneering position in Molecular Pathology, SRL is preferred partner for many international and national CROs for conducting trials based on advanced molecular targets. Various sophisticated and customized molecular assays have been successfully developed as per the US FDA norms and are offered for conducting clinical trial studies in India.

Besides these, clinical collaborations and networking for sharing best practices, technical insights and the exchange of new, emerging ideas in the field of Molecular Pathology are encouraged and fostered by the scientific spearheads. As a testimony to the prowess and excellence of the centre in the field of Molecular Pathology, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has granted recognition to it for starting a "Fellowship Course in Molecular Pathology" for post graduate doctors-first such course in this subject in India.

As innovation thrives and demand for advanced molecular tools continues to expand, it certainly seems like a very bright dawn for Molecular Pathology in India with SRL leading the way.